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Skilsaw table saw review

Just in case you want to skip the long and detailed review of what is the best table saw for woodworking in each category, here it is:. This saves you time allowing you to make tool-free adjustments of application-specific components. Using a dado set, you can cut dadoes in the material to connect two pieces of stock. This is a functional way how woodworkers would connect cabinets and bookshelves with snug joints.

In fact, some feel the Shop Fox W is one of the standouts in the category. The unit is built sturdy and Shop Fox are known for their workmanship and build quality amongst the woodworker community.

Skil MS6305-00 10 in. Miter Saw Review

Hybrid saws are sort of unknown and hard to categorize. The Shop Fox W provides just that. The clear guard is a nift inclusion I like — with many manufacturers now adopting this design approach. The spreader, riving knife, and anti-kickback pawls attached to the quick-release blade guard prevents kickback quite effectively.

The blade carries an electrical signal that the system monitors. The brake pawl detects a change in signal when human contact has been made.

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On top of that, 10 amputations take place every day in the United States. For the humble beginner, any kind of system that assists the operator to make your job easier is a plus in my book. Although a smaller rip capacity than other table saws in its category, the Bosch provides great value for money for a DIYer. The anti-kickback pawls, adjustable riving knife, and non-obstructed view of the assembly assist beginners and seasoned woodworkers.

Awesome review James! Thanks for your comment! Hello, Thank you for providing amazing info! I am trying to purchase the best thing that can be handy for a woodworker. Do you suggest one in particular? Thank you. Any other recommendations in that price range? In fact many of the saws listed are either unavailable or discontinued.

Sorry about this, Ken. I have a Bosch compound mitre saw on the gravity-rise base. Great article, thanks for doing the legwork. I definitely agree there. The Bosch table saw is honestly one of my favorites. Thank you for reviewing these saws, one important thing all should do before making the purchase, after reading these reviews.Way back in February of a couple boxes showed up at my doorstep with the black diamond Skilsaw logo. It was a worm drive table saw.

Skilsaw had recently gone through a rebranding to help distinguish itself as a pro brand with less confusion over the DIY focused Skil brand. At the time Skilsaw was owned by Bosch and instead of just taking a blue saw and painting it black and gray, they grabbed what looks to be some parts of the Bosch GTS saw but the motor and gearing is all Skilsaw.

Skilsaw Table Saws

I was practically salivating at the thought of all that power and it was on my doorstep. Framing was about half done but framing on the whole was pretty minimal since it is an ICF house, everything was concrete including the floors both of them. The worm drive table saw showed up and it only got light use for a few weeks until we got everything weathered in and started on the exterior trim. All of the exterior window and door trim, bands, and frieze board was a product called Boral TruExterior Trim.

All of the frieze board had to be ripped down a half inch to get the right reveal after the soffit went on. We put hundreds of feet of this trim through the saw.

The window and door heads were also ripped down to match the same reveal. We ripped so much of this material that we started wearing through the powder coating on the table top within the first week. The saw just rips, and rips, and rips.

SKIL 3410-02 Review

We tried to bog the saw down but no luck. The power of this saw is on a whole other level than typical jobsite table saws. You guys know what a bear it can be to rip wet, treated lumber, this thing is always in beast mode and gobbled right through it. The first thing anyone notices about the saw is the motor. The motor on the worm drive table saw is a beast. I have been continually amazed at what this thing can cut without bogging down.

Try that on another jobsite table saw, I dare you. No other jobsite table saw can do that. Other things I love is that there is onboard storage for everything.

The fence, guard components, miter gauge, wrench, and push stick all store on the saw in a secure place. The push stick storage is a particular nice addition. It stores conveniently on the front of the saw and is easily drawn from its holster right when you need it. Finally, the saw is available in two configurations, a stock blade or a diablo blade. We opted for the diablo equipped unit of course. When it finally comes time to replace the blade, there is an ingenious arbor lock so that only one wrench is needed for blade changes.

Nice work, engineer guy.

skilsaw table saw review

I like this saw a lot. It was an either or but not both, at least on the saw I have. The last 3 are all running a promotion currently to get the stand for free when you buy the saw. Contributing Editor Jeff Williams is a carpenter for a commercial General Contractor specializing in concrete, steel, and wood buildings.

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Jeff comes from a long line of contractors. His parents started a commercial General Contracting firm many years ago and it has afforded him life-long, hands-on learning opportunities from rough and fine carpentry all the way to structural steel and concrete.

Jeff has a Construction Management degree and loves the thrill of coordinating and successfully managing large jobs from start to finish.Over the years we have tested a wide variety of Table Saws. We have tested corded table saws as well as cordless table saws. You may remember we reviewed the first generation table saw by Skilsaw, model SPT 70 and fell in love with it. Before we jump into the Skilsaw Table Saw review, I want to go over a couple differences with the older version and the new version.

Both saws are pretty much the same. They both work the same way with the same features. Both use the Wormdrive motor. Another difference is the table size. The SPT 99 has a bigger table size which is better for full sheets of plywood. Another difference is the rack and pinion fence system. The fence is smooth and easy to line up at a precise measurement. The Skilsaw SPT 99 is designed around a 15 Amp Worm Drive motor which features more power and torque than the traditional inline table saw motors.

The saw delivers 5, rpm and enough torque to cut through even your hardwoods. One big change over the SPT 70 is the addition of the rack and pinion fence system. This type of system makes it easy to set up and perform accurate cuts. On the right-hand side of the saw, there is a nice big red lever to lock and unlock the fence which will allow you to move the fence left or right.

All the accessories are stored on the saw. We found the accessories easy to store and access when needed. On the side of the saw, there is a nice cord management system to keep the cord in place when storing or transporting. If you are on uneven surfaces, you can use the leg adjustment to level out the stand and make it sturdier.

To lower and raise the stand, there is a foot pedal to make it easy to set up the gravity stand. The one item we did find was when you want to take down the stand, the foot pedal is a little awkward.

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Part of the metal stand rests on the ground which means it can get scratched up and chipped. Not a huge deal but something to note and think about in case there are times you might be using this on a nicer surface.

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You want to note that the metal bar might scratch a surface since the paint on the metal can chip. Since this has a Worm Drive motor, you would expect this saw to rip through wood with ease.

Tool Box Buzz

Seriously this is that powerful and smooth. Again, it made the cut with ease. However with this saw you get a top of the line motor with a Worm Drive system. The Worm Drive system means more power and more torque than the traditional inline motors. You will be able to cut more wood, quick and with less hassle. I am glad the table is a little bigger and the stand is a nice added addition. The rack and pinion system rivals the Dewalt which we always tout as being one of the smoothest in the marketplace.

Is their a notable difference in power compared to the first skilsaw worm drive tablesaw? I will have to find out the total size.The price of this machine is significantly lower than similar offerings from the likes of DeWalt and Bosch. But have they made a machine that is amazing value for money and is it up to the job that most people are looking for from a portable table saw. The SKIL weighs in at This is similar in weight to the Bosch 63 lbs and the Makita This is achieved by extending the table to the right of the blade which gives you the with.

That will tick a box with a lot of people. The Blade that comes with the is a 28 tooth carbide tipped blade and is adequate at best. This is something that you will want to replace quite quickly. The blade is always an area where manufacturers save money.

skilsaw table saw review

The miter gauge is OK and is probably what you would expect from a saw in this price range. The same goes for the fence. It comes with their EZ View measurement system with a self alining fence. As with all portable table saws, the SKIL uses a direct drive 15 amp brush motor motor which spins at rpm.

It can handle most materials and is great at ripping sheet materials. To cut thicker hard woods, it will cope, but upgrading the saw blade will make a huge difference to the quality of your cuts. Pretty standard stuff from SKIL here you get an easy to fit blade guard with riving knife and anti kickback pawls. So, what SKIL have done with the here, is produce a very capable portable table saw.

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Yes it may be lacking some of the features and build quality of the saws produced by its parent company, Bosch. I would recommend this saw if budget really is an issue. This will help you find its quirks and limitations and work with them. Its one of the cheapest portable table saws available. So if you are looking for a small light simple table saw and can't justify saws at twice the cost, then this is a very good choice.

The Locking piece handle crumbled into pieces and I need a replacement. Where can I find one. Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Url. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Menu Skip to content. SKIL Miter. SKIL Storage.The first ever brass-geared worm drive table saw was first developed by Skilsaw to meet the growing needs of woodworkers on the go.

Call this a sophisticated portable table saw, the Skilsaw Worm Drive Table Saw is the first ever saw that can be set up anywhere and once you are done, it can be folded and packed away. This foldable and compact table saw has made it possible to cut materials faster even in remote construction sites. I have always wanted a worm drive table saw for myself considering that I work constantly on the road.

But as I checked the best type of portable table saw, I found not just the Skilsaw worm drive table but also a worm drive table saw from DeWalt. These two table saws are the best of their category. These have updated and top of the line features. If you are like me, shopping for the ideal portable table saw, then you will surely find the one you need from these top picks.

Rip fence, table insert, barrier guard assembly, anti-kickback device, miter gauge, push stick, cutting blade, blade wrench, and hex wrench. Worm drive circular saw, carbide-tipped blade, Blade Wrench. Check Lowest Price. You must keep these special features in mind when you are in the market for table saws.

A table saw is not just a mere portable tool but a heavyweight saw and a small investment! You must shop carefully and stay smart when choosing the right one for your needs. How and where do you intend to use your table saw? If you plan to take it from one worksite to another then you must use a job site table saw A job site saw is portable, compact and usually has its own stand and may or may not have wheels.

These rely on a table or a workbench to support the weight of the saw. There are also cabinet table saws which are heavy duty saws that are mounted in a metal or cast-iron cabinet. These saws are very heavy but are usually made with moving wheels and complete cutting features. Ted's Woodworking Plans contains complete instructions from start to finish, leaving absolutely no guesswork.

Here is what you get:. Saw blades are classified according to the diameter, arbor size, number of teeth, kerf size, speed, application and the material from where the saw blade was made. You may even find table saws with blades as large as a foot.

The number of saw blade teeth is between 24 and The most common material used to make blades is carbide, carbon steel, and even diamond. The fence of a table saw is very important because it gives the saw the advantage over other types of saws. The most common one is a T-square fence with a strong design and good accuracy. If you want to make cross cuts or angled cuts then you must rely on an efficient miter gauge.

Smaller, portable table saw models have direct-drive motors that can operate on V power to produce 2 HP. This is enough motor power to take on thinner materials. Table saws with more powerful motors are usually stationary saws that produce between 3 to 5 HP. Table saws with stronger motors rely on a belt drive to transfer the power from the motor to the blade and these operate on V. You need some safety features on your table saw especially if you are new to using this kind of power saw.

Safety features like splitters, riving blades and anti-kickback pawls will help you use the table saw safely and more comfortably. Saws with guards, electric brakes, and other safety features should be considered foremost. There is a variety of table saw accessories to keep in mind. Just some of the most common are table extensions, on and off switches, wheels, onboard storage and dust collection features. Additional blades, wrenches, and tables are also a must.After using this saw to help build a two-story addition, we feel this saw presents one of the greatest performance values on the market today.

Skil 10-inch Table Saw with Folding Stand Review TS6307-00

The Skil MS 10 in. Our crew used it while putting a two-story addition on a downtown bungalow originally built in The Skil MS should be joining the ranks shortly once we run the numbers and tally up the results. We could go over all the features, but anyone with some experience using miter saws should find the Skil MS very familiar. You get lots of adjustability, like dual-beveling and mitering to 51 degrees in both directions.

We found it easy to carry the Skil miter saw to and from the jobsite each day. It weighs just That falls nearer to the lower end of the weights we commonly see on inch sliding compound miter saws. We credit the cast aluminum base which shaves a bunch of weight.

You can get a quick sense of the weight by comparing it to the following saws many of which double the price of this saw :. It carries easily via the integrated handle, and we like how well it balances when you lock it in the fully-mitered position. As I mentioned earlier, we used this saw extensively on a two-story addition. We were adding it to an older frame house built shortly after the turn of the century— last century, that is!

We put so many cuts on the saw we actually had to change out the inch miter saw blade. Skil lets you quickly swap out the blade using an onboard wrench that stores securely right on the base of the saw. You use the two-ended wrench to undo the blade bolt cover screw and also to remove the blade bolt itself.

During a blade change, the guard initially holds up on its own. Eventually, however, you want to put a hand on it as you unscrew the reverse-threaded retention bolt and replace the blade.

The entire process took us less than a minute. Skil includes left and right sliding fences. These provide an array of versatility. Use them for making nested crown cuts up to 6. Skil even includes holes on the fences to help secure a sacrificial or auxiliary fence if desired. For wider boards, the inch miter saw gives you table extensions on either side.

These provide extra support when needed. You can also lock each table extension in any position—from fully-closed to fully-open. Oddly, while the clamp and sliding fences adjust with tool-free knobs, the extensions lock using Allen screws. These are compatible with the included blade-change wrench.

The Skil 10 in.

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It required no warming up to immediately get cutting. We noticed a slight amount of blade deflection during use, so it helps to ensure you control the arm while cutting and avoid pulling it to either side.Not only does it have the power and capacity to tackle hardwood cutting, but it also features a foldable stand.

skilsaw table saw review

While not a worm drive table saw like the Skilsaw models, this Skil inch model looks well-made and has the features to impress most serious DIYers and home users. One of the really big deals about the Skil inch jobsite table saw involves its integrated stand.

Instead of detaching from a stand, it features foldable legs. These proved to be plenty easy to fold down and lock into place by just one person. With the liberal use of metal components where others choose plastic, it feels better built than its closest competition.

The Skil inch table saw uses its amp motor to spin the blade at up to RPM. Note that the stock blade Skil includes has 24 teeth. The rack and pinion fence rails ensure that your fence stays parallel to the blade, keeping your cuts accurate. You can also make micro-adjustments to calibrate the blade angle, keeping it parallel to the rip fence and miter slot. The design is a bit better than what we expect from some stock gauges and we like the high-contrast white markings that make it easier to read.

Slots in the face allow you to screw an auxiliary face in for more stable mitering. Dado stacks are compatible with this table saw. The actual cutting was a pleasant surprise for this level. In both sheet goods and 2x material, the motor is confident.

There are definitely stronger saws at the professional level, but the cuts felt smooth and stable. Switching from a 24T blade to a 40T, there was very little chatter and, as expected, the quality of the finish improved significantly. As with any saw, let the motor and the blade do the work to get the best results. Instead, they seem to have taken some of the best innovations—like the rack and pinion fence—and added some of their own twists. Tom is one of the original founders of Pro Tool Reviews.